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Why use Wordpress?

Wordpress has come of age recently. Although there were several 'blog' software programs out there Wordpress has always been seen as the slimmer, faster open-source blogging tool.

As time has moved on, so has Wordpress, and now with a range of themes, widgets and plugins it is used throughout the world and is growing in use year on year.

Themes can be created for individual users or corporations. They install very quickly and can be maintained while active if required. Widgets are the 'extras' usually populating sidebars - calendars, archive lists, tag clouds and so on. Plugins work within the guts of Wordpress. They add functionality and can add a range of extra functions to your Wordpress site.

However, often we find that the add-ons - theme, widget or plugin - used by some site owners can suddenly stop working or start throwing up errors. These usually occur when the base Wordpress code is updated and functions used by the add-ons get deprecated (the is code no longer supported by wordpress functions), or there are errors in the original code.

A large part of our work is now based on solving and updating the code to solve these problems, as well as managing data on the site. We are regular contributors on the forums as @datasoftict and have built up quite a broad knowledge of the 'guts' of Wordpress.

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Wordpress themes

Some examples of Templatic themes designed specially for Wordpress, we can run a complete install for you and help you achieve the web site you really desire.

A Simple Site Theme

The Daily News Theme

A Restaurant Theme

Product Theme

Snippet Theme