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J2ME - TC65

If you are reading this you probably have a tc65, or similar.

The benefit of the Machine-2-Machine module is that it can takes all kinds of inputs, use JAVA to work with the data and set up connections to send the data to other systems via the mobile network.

Another benefit is that it can also be reprogrammed via the same mobile network. This means there is no need to make a site visit and update the software. Using OTAP (Over The Air Provisioning) means that the individual controller, let alone entire systems can be constantly fine tuned.

The controller units come with a non-volatile memory area in which it is possible to run J2ME code, based on the SDK (Software Developers Kit). Using the code supplied you can make the controller fulfil a wide range of functions.

However we have found that sometimes using the SDK with all if inbuilt classes it is a bit like opening a door to a factory full of car parts, some are made up ready for you, some need to be put together in the right way. No point in sticking your engine directly to the back wheel is there!

This is where we can help. Starting from a basic "what do you want to do with this" we can build a solution that takes into account your needs and requirements. Putting together the correct components in the correct order builds you the motor you require. After all why build a clunky 6 wheel-drive with a huge cargo area when you want a sleek high-speed sports?

Both can do a job and both are the right builds for different users, but getting the right combination for you can make a huge difference to your business!


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Our software is running in the field in real life applications, but the very nature of the beast is such that you can't actually see it running! As with our web development we work as contractor's to companies, copyright and contract terms means we are limited in how much we can say about the work we have done.